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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyh View Post
    You go to white clay? Some of the best trails around. I try and go whenever I can. Mountain biking has been great for me and has made me commit to training for a triathlon. Love to go out there sometime with you, I know the trails pretty well now.
    I went out to Fair Hill, using a friends Bike. So much fun. I am thinking about buying a bike. I'll let you know when I get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inletsurf7 View Post
    I'm heading out there tomorrow actually, a friend is gonna show me around. I also wakeboard, motocross, snowboard, skimboard, longboard, paintball, and hit the gym on a regular basis. I work alot, trying to save money up to first pay off college then buy a harley right after.
    you're going out on the trails after 2 days of rain and a forecast of rain all day tomorrow? just some friendly advice take it or leave it. you should wait several days after the rains stops so the trails can dry out. your first experience will be much more enjoyable and you also won't be screwing up the trails for other users, like myself, by riding on them in extremely muddy conditions.