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    Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    I had the Hershey squirts the other day, sometimes you can't help it. Aquadumps feel fresh.
    A sponger that poos in the surf is like a paraplegic basketball player pooing on the court.

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    aqua dumping strategy

    i'm not into dumping in the water, but it is a fine tactic for cleaning out the peak if it's too crowded. we were surfing desert point in 08 when the entire rvca crew rolled up and completely took over the peak. we'd been there for 2 days waiting for the swell and kept getting burned by these guys blocking for eachother. my buddy paddled inside everyone and took a loose **** and bought us a few minutes respite

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy arthur brownfire View Post
    Got a classic picture of Earl of Funk/Duke of Cool dumping one out under the pier in 30 degree winter swell...wet suit around the waste, sand blowing up in the crack...I email it around every so often....Earl of Dump/Poop of Cool
    Yep. When dropping a deuce on the beach or in the dunes, ALWAYS make sure your arse faces AWAY from the wind. I'm an expert beach/dunes dumper (even do the "tuck in" so as to not wiz on my trunks/suit) but I messed up that time.....
    In all my decades I've never sent one down to Davey Jone's Locker. Even with the squirts. It always backs off. Maybe I have Aqua Deuce Stage Fright?!?!

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    That early morning cup of coffee and bowl rip, will get your stomach ready to deploy a brown uboat in the line up...... I'm notorious for dropping turds on unsuspecting kooks in the line up. Beware im ****ting on a peak near you soon.

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    Baby Wipes!

    Make sure you bring along the baby wipes to make sure you have that fresh clean feeling afterwards!

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    I got a good story. Local ESA contest a couple years back my friend had to take a dump right before his heat but had no time. He decided it would be a good idea to let loose in his full suit and then surf his whole heat.

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    i took a **** out there once cause i couldn't wait any longer and the waves were so good. good thing it was summer or i would of been a bag of **** hahahaha. but i was still was wearing a shorty so it just floated on out with i un zipped.

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    I have heard of a lot of stories of something similar like this actually. And though most of the people are taking their dump on the sand part, the washing motion of the waves will surely get them right in tow.

    Just plain sick if you ask me, but people tend to do it on the regular, quite unfortunately.

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    I like to think of it as pooping with the dolphins. I also like to do it at azzt when an annoying family or fisherman rolls up and parks super close !

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    If I saw someone **** near me in the water while I'm there, I'd grab the scruff of their neck and back of their shorts and drag them across the beach and shove their mouth down the public john!