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Thread: Board sizes???

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    Board sizes???

    Im mainly a skim boarder but im wanting to get a surf board. A guy I skim with will sell me his old board for $125. There isnt anything wrong with it, he is just rich and a good guy who doesnt really need the money so he is giving it to me for lil to nothing, But its 5'10 and im a lil over 6 ft tall idk if tht makes a difference or not......

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    Height is not an issue here. Weight is the biggest one but experience and paddle strength are also a factor. You also have to take in the other dimensions of the board as far as width and thickness. Might be a good deal on the board but not a good deal for you! If you want more info email me and I'd be glad to help.

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    Agreed. What kind of board is it? 5'10" is pretty small, so I don't know that it would be good to learn on, but if you don't weigh much and it has a little thickness it might be aright.

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