Iv got a brand new XCEL Infiniti X-Zip 3/2 im looking to get rid of iv had it for about 2 years and its never been used at all! It has been in my closet for awhile taking up space i cant use it so it needs to go. I had originally got it from Xcel after i sent my suit in for repairs but instead of fixing it they sent me a new one but at the time i didn't have a suit in dead winter with the surf pumping i went out and got a new one. Its a Medium Mens Size 14 would be perfect for a grom or shorter dude im only asking $200 since its never been in the water. Store price is around $300, If you have any questions please feel free to get up with me. Its located in Ocean City, MD but i'll ship it if need be. Here's some pics.


Inner With Fusion Seals & Thermospan