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    mict2000 Guest


    Douchbags that make lame 1,000,000 year old played out jokes about people going to jail are just about the lamest people in society. Ain't a damn thing funny about jail, even in MD and the only people who get violated in jail are the people who joke about getting violated. We all do stupid things when we're young, too bad Waldon's was so extreme. Hope he's back in the water soon. Jail is no place for a surfer.

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    I never heard or saw in the news the outcome of the case. Anyone have the latest?

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    never heard any more than what was in the newspaper. but for most of the people that dont read it:

    -officer positively identified waldon as the driver of the car
    - after hitting the officer, several kids actually got out of the white car and began to TAUNT the injured officer, at which point he drew his firearm, and then they ran away

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    ?????????????? he cut a deal he is out?????????

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    Sounds like the kids are retarded, and disrespectful. The end.

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    i dont get why people are talking **** on walden. I wouldnt want to mess with him, and he'll rip you to shreds in the water. idiots. Walden is out of jail. check out the picture of him getting slotting from dec 20th

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    marknel go toke a fat one. chrisd, he did not cut a deal. the rumor mill known as ocean city md is unreal.

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    I was asking if he cut a deal I hadn't heard anything but guessed he was out based on the picture from the 20th.

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    Charges Dropped

    All charges dropped

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    Man so so so glad to hear this bs was resolved man.