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    Oneill Wetsuit Question

    Just bought my first Oneill wetsuit online since it was a deal I couldn't pass up

    It was a Gooru GBS 3/2 2008 model

    I'm 5'11 155lbs. I got a medium, which on the Oneill site is for 5'9"-5'11" 150-170lbs.

    It was very difficult to get into (at my house). I'm sure it will work well not letting water in being this tight, and it was not as bad to get off.

    Does anyone know if this suit or Oneill suits are suppossed to be this difficult to get on?
    Just wondering if they run small or something...

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    I'm about 6' and weight around 170, a skinny 170 if that makes any sense, and I buy all my O'Neill wetsuits in a medium. They are always a little tough getting on when brand new but the last thing you want is a wetsuit that's too big. You'll be perfect in a medium

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    i just had that happen to me...only it was for west wetsuits. i won a free west wetsuit and i ordered a small, only when it came to my house and tried it on did i realize it was way too small. i ordered a medium and to be honest i thought i was a xs but ordered the small just in case. im 5'7.5 140 and the small that i ordered that was too small, and it is suppossed to fit 5'8-5'10 135-155lbs. the medium that i got after wards that fits perfectly is supposed to fit between 5'9-5'11 150-170....Doesn't really make any sense, but hey it not fits.
    the point im trying to say is, always order a size up if your not sure. it can never hurt
    Oneill seems to be true to their size chart

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    Thanks for the input

    Pinwheel: it does make me feel a little better being that you wear medium and weigh a little more than me.

    Maybe the suit has never been tried on, but I was just surprised how hard it was to get the suit over my legs and feet (and I don't have big legs or feet). The short back zip is a little different but that wasnt really the problem.

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    dude keep in mind wetsuits stretch out over time too I had wetsuits that were perfect wear them three times and it is too big.

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    some wet suits can be a little hard to get into, but once your in, you should have some flexibility. If your flexibility is being comprised greatly, it might not be the best suit for you.

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    I am not firmilare with that suit is it a front zip? If this is your first front zip suit it will seem a harder to get into the first cpl of times

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    It's the short back zip.

    I'm going to go ahead and keep it, it's hard to remember how tight my other wetsuits were when I first tried them on. I didn't know if there were any specific concerns with Oneill sizing, sounds like there isn't anything except personal preference.

    Thanks for the info.

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    I would keep it that is the most flexable suit oneill makes by far so you should be able to break it in I am 20 lbs over sized for oneills suits I wear not that big of a deal they end up the right size hence the reason all my suits are from them. Also a good fitting suit is probably the reason I am still not even close to getting out of a 3/2.

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    First off, no wetsuit needs breaking in. Your suit should fit snug, without extra room, but not overly tight. To tight and it will cut off your circulation reducing movement and making you colder. If you are within the weight and height specs, you should be good to go. Most likely you need a little practice putting it on and taking it off. Peel it off inside out when removing. If you're skin or the suit is damp, it will be harder to put on.