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Thread: quick question

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    can you do a quick example?

    im looking to get a lost rocket its a 5'8 x 19.15 x 2.18 i dont think its gonna work for me.

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    72x2.3x19 = 3146.4 divided by 160 19.665 again I never bought a board based on this I just did the math on all the boards I really like.

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    well a 17.8 but a rocket also isnt a typical shape a little fuller but I would say no esp if you arent really used to a shortboard. that is a nice looking rocket though on nynj surf. I do know where for a 75 bucks more there is a brand new 5'8 fletcher f4.

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    got it so if you are on the plus side of the 20 the board will most likely work and if its on the minus side it might work but you gotta paddle a little harder

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    Yes you also want to take into account the 8 to ten lbs of rubber.

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    oh ya! right im prolly just gonna stick with my board for now the thing rips its just picky, everyones got a picky board! then again my 6'6 NX-1 goes into anything i paddle

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    my step up is a with an extra 10 for rubber. more foam never hurt anyone.

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    awesome thanks for your help....

    the rocket is on

    no pics probably not gonna get it now that i know the secret formula!!

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    Nov 2007
    I ride mostly fishlike shapes but have been riding a mini-simmons style board that is 5'5" . These are really wide boards though so that makes up for a lot of length. BTW I weigh in at about 200lbs more or less and am 6'1" tall.

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    yea and full rails can help. I have ridden boards that are too small and I just think esp if he doesn't kill it right now the 20 number is a good number.