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Thread: 3.2 all year?

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    and Matt you need to come here with your hyperflex add haha

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    if you live in the mid atlantic go out and buy the full array of suits to cover all conditions then stop worrying about water temp and go surf

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy9'0" View Post
    oh and in the delmarva region?
    the 3/2 days are over for a while my friend. That wind chill must have been 15 degrees today...

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    i wear a 3.2 all year in vb. its not too bad especially since wetsuits dont seem to let water come in untill over an hour into you session with a hood and gloves and booties. did it last year and im gonna be doing this year rocking a 3/2 xzip xcel wetsuit

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    does anyone who lives in the ocean city/fenwick island area have a 4/3 or thicker suit theyd like to sell...or get rid of?

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    ^^naa. i wear a 4/3 all year. im not one of those guys that are only in for an hour either

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    i rocked a unsealed 3/2 with fin booties and gloves my first winter when i started bbing.. you can do it year round.. but your whole body is numb and prone to cramping in 15-20 mins

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    i have a friend who has worn a 3/2 all year in jersey, but hes just had a rip in it also

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    I was out the 6th in my 3/2 mutant. I was still chilly, but it wasn't really that bad. I'm looking to go this Sunday as well, but will defo be in my 5/4 XCel.

    I've used the 3/2 when the water was a few degrees under 50 (maybe 48), but it was warmer air temps. Again, I was chilly, but nothing terrible.

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    I havent come out of a three two yet I still have not worn gloves yet and this was as of the 14th so four days ago. I don't see what the big deal is. I will switch the the 4/3 probably this weekend just to deal witht he wind so I have a hood.