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Thread: Droid

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    I dropped my phone in a toilet as well. Pretty sh****... First thing I did when I woke up New Years Day. What a start to the year!

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    Ive gone thru 11 phones since in less than two years, i am on my sisters phone from like the 1990s now. I cant wait though because my lease is up in a month so im probly gonnna get a droid.

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    I got the HTC Droid Eris about a month ago. It has Flash lite on it so this site looks great (Don't think the Moto Droid does). There are a couple swell reporting and tide apps (magic seaweed, etc.). However, with whats out there, so far, I'd rather just go to this site. Android is a great OS though.

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    The Android market has a free flashlight app. Also, I highly recommend the Google Sky map app. It's a blast.

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    no way is that pipeline...whoever was surfing the left it may have been pipeline he was in a spring suit but the full suits must be out in cali

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    Yeah I was referring to Macromedia Flash. I like that app that where you can scan bar codes and it tells you teh cheapest price in your area and online. Pretty neato. It's called ShopSavvy i think.

  7. Android is the freakin bomb. I've had mine for a couple months now. Love it.

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    do any iPhone users have any feedback or comparison to the Droid?

    I've never met an iPhone user thus far, who wanted to switch phones.

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    i love the iPhone and i dont have one. my friend has a droid he said it is cool and all but hes just stuck with verizon and he said if he had the choice he would get an iphone and he had it one day when he said it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    do any iPhone users have any feedback or comparison to the Droid?

    I've never met an iPhone user thus far, who wanted to switch phones.
    That's because ATT actually has decent G3 on the coasts, which is where people surf. And we would have more communication with other surfers on this forum than people in OK or MO. It's the midwest where ATT really drops the ball on their networks.
    The Droid is great, iPod just came out first and set the bar. The Droid didnt surpass it, but it's just as good. Both have their pluses. People with iPhones will say theirs are better and viceversa for the Droid. Both are the bomb. Droid is powered by Google. Google search, voice, maps, navigation, etc. so it's a pretty tricked out system it uses.
    Most of my friends have the iphone, we had some beers the other night and a few of us were doing the "can your phone do this?" game and we basically called it a stalemate. The ONLY plus for the iPhone is that you can go online while on speakerphone and you cant on a Droid. THAT is the only difference. The flip is that if you live in the MidWest, Verizon has an inrcedibly much better network. No, that's not from commercials but from actual research.

    Both are great. You just no longer have to go to ATT to get a good phone. Google is about to launch a newer one that is unlocked completely. You can bring it to ANY service provider. I love Mac users, they are such sheeple.