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    Cheating on O'Neill got me nowhere...

    Needed a new pair of booties after 6 years A big tear in the ankle from pulling them on over the years. Anyway, bought 5mm Xcel Drylocks Split Toe. I liked the styling and wanted to try the split- toe. First time out a jet of water trickled between my right toes (at the split) so I returned them. Replaced with the Xcel 7mm round toe. Went home, and put them on again. Something didn't feel right.

    I guess my feet are cockeyed because my big toe kept jamming against the molded inner of the booty. If you pick up an Xcel round toe and feel the inside you will feel that the inner sole of it is molded to fit your big toe into a groove, which separates the rest of your toes. Even though the boot is a round toe. Its not deep at all, just a shallow socket for your big toe, but mine wouldn't fit naturally into it. leaving a big corner of the booty empty with air and neoprene or bamboo or whatever the f---- Went back to shop, returned...

    O'neill, sorry I turned away from you but i learned my lesson this time. I went with Oneill's 7mm round-toe Heat. I slipped it on at the shop and knew right away that it felt good, no second guessing.

    This is NOT an ad for O'nell, just my recent experience.

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    ha O'Neills are great i love my 5mm heat. one day it was snowing and i didnt have snow boots at the time so i wore my o'neill boots while walking through a foot of snow and my feet were warm for about 3 hours

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    Yeah my last pair of boots were 7mil O'Neills, I got Rip Curl F bombs this time and I am just as Happy with them . I got a set of O'Neill 5 mil lobster mitt and they are really warm