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    whats up with wednesday???

    On the period swell maps on this Wed. it is showing orange on the delmarva coastline... yet small waves are forcasted. I don't see our chunk of coast light up like that too often, can you explain the situation?
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    Surf: Knee high ESE long period swell in the morning with occasional waist high sets.

    Goto the surf plots, click on view details. You will see 1ft @ 16seconds.

    Check the wave maps.. zoom out to east coast view. You'll see a bit of a system develop in the central waters. If this develops a little further than current models are showing, we could get something decent... worth keeping an eye on.

    I'd like to ask you and the other swellinfo users how familiar they are with all the swellinfo functionality, like I described above. Do you look at the swell details, and are you familiar with using the zoom features on the wave maps? There's a lot of functionality, just curious how much people are using, and if there are features that people dont know about. I've been thinking about putting together some video tuturial type stuff.

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    Yeah, when I backed the zoom off of the coast it showed the source. Just had me confused for a minute. My routine is usually to check the swell/waves/wind maps, then to the surf and swell plots. When the swells get closer I keep an eye on the bouy and weather also. I have fooled with the zoom before, but usually just go with what it's set on. In this case it answered my question, though, thanks. I try to cover all bases with the functions, but some can be confusing or seem contradictory at times, so the video thing would probably help.