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Whatever you want to call it, HUMAN IMPACT from such things as burning fossil fuels and other forms of improper waste management lead to accelerated, and unnatural fluctuations in temperatures. This means it can get warmer than normal in the summer and winter, and can get colder than normal in the summer and winter. It doesn't mean the whole Earth gets warmer and hotter.

If you think this is just a political scheme then you're just as big of a fool (read as 'tool') as the FOX News watchers who listen to that garbage. I've been studying all of this on my own for the last several years while most of you are just finishing up high school. I believe I have a much more educated opinion than let's say.. NOOBS that come on here and try to spread their weak parental-guided opinion on this forum.

Go pick some trash off your beach - remember it could disappear in your lifetime, so enjoy it while you can.
LOL. Just like they said there would be palm trees in the north east in the year 2000. lol. Please talk to scientists and read some published journals on the matter. Read publications by scientists, not politicians. Just a hunch, but the scientists know more on the subject. By the way, I hope you don't believe polar bears are in trouble and you understand that the politicans including Al Gore have admitted that was a lie. I wonder what they will use next to convince the masses.

BTW I'm out of college with a PhD and working in a marine biology field. I don't have anything to gain and my job doesn't pay very much. I just love the ocean, planet, and the science behind it. I'm also not saying that humans don't pollute the environnment, they do! They just don't cause temperature change. Let's worry about real pollution and solving that problem with new techonology. I just don't believe in having an environmental gestapo coming into our homes.