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    Worthy Surf Blogs?

    Looking to see if anyone has some good surf blogs that they know of??? I'm an office worker and sit in front of the computer all day, thinking about it's good to be able to pass the time looking at some good surf content.

    Meaningless plug here:

    Check it....

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    I'm the main contributor to a blog that's semi-centered around surfing in the Mid-Atlantic region, more specifically VB/OBX. It's through a local shop here called Surf and Adventure Company. Click here, the go to the blog link (shameless website traffic assist).
    It's a new blog, but you may enjoy the content. Fresh update coming later today/tonight...

  3. Thanks for the details

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    Check this one photos & livecam enjoy

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    The Barneys Guide to Surf Etiquette

    You can usually spot them before they even enter the water, the people that have their board, no idea what they are doing, but feel that they own the water as much as every other person at the beach. Perhaps the good thing about them finally making it out into the line up, is that they are usually are so tired that they can’t even try to paddle for waves. They sit on the shoulder or on the inside, and paddle right back out in everyone’s way once they get caught inside… the barney. This never ending guide to surf etiquette should help you not look like idiots, and better yet, not make other people hate you in the water.

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    Seaweed, Cockfights, and Quiet Nights – Nusa Lembongan

    You get off the ferry at Nusa Lembongan after crossing one of Earths deepest channels from Bali (so I was told). After leaving Bali, where everything is easy; the food, accommodation, and parties, Nusa Lembongan is a relief for a traveler looking for a little bit of adventure. You are hit with the aroma of seaweed as a large majority of the islanders are seaweed farmers, but the scent eases away after a couple of hours once you become used to it. Initially I had come to the island in search of a cock fight.

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    Dane Renolds Unwilling Legacy - SurfersDesk

    Kurt Cobain read Burroughs, wore flannel shirts, and kicked it in the same beat up Chuck Taylor’s for years on end. With the release of ‘Nevermind’ in 1991, Kurt Cobain was anointed – however unwillingly – as the spokesperson for a new generation. Not only musically but in dress and attitude as well. Glam rock died overnight as grunge took over the world.

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    Taking a Wave on the Head like a Champ

    Chances are, if you’ve ever paddled out to a new spot alone when it’s firing you’re feeling a couple of emotions. Emotion #1 – Excitement, you can’t wait to get out and get the barrel of your life. Today is the day that you’ll get it and you just have that feeling (just like the last day it was firing).