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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD

    ocmd vs. vb vs. wb

    So, after years of watching data and reading other historical information, the mathematical breakdown of these locations, as far as how many surfable days per year there are... (All weird statistics aside, just the most days of the year that one can surf, regardless of temp etc. Just complete surfable data)

    The math says that it goes

    VB - #1
    OC MD, #2
    WB, NC, #3

    And obviously OBX and parts of the Jersey shore showed up way ahead as far as the data that I have, but for THOSE THREE locations, is that about the right rankings? As far as most days of available surf? Year round? Im thinking WB probably gets more windswell in the summer, but with OCMD and VB more open to all the E swell angles, they always seem to produce a little more in the winter etc...

    Is this right? I dont want to re-open debates or arguments about each region. Im just talking straight surf data.

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    is there a point to this?

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    well, how did you define a surfable day?

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    yeah virginias definately number one because the barges create swell throughout the year

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    No way is VB more consistent than OCMD.

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    ocmd BARRELS a lot better than vb

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    One said, "define a surfable day?" ,....I think the data set would have to be more varied, what were the criteria for your analysis? Where was the data gathered from? What types/categories of data did you compile? What variables were considered? Where local conditions and spot/swell magnets/multipliers taken into consideration?

    I think your defined spot choices are flawed. In regard to OCMD, yes it tends to be a more focused venue, but for the core locals, the rippers from DE, MD and EVA end up at the same spots/best form and breaks for any given swell. We are blessed with the ability to switch spots with tide changes and winds shifts. You might start the day in South Delaware, move to OC for mid-day to early afternoon and finish off the day with a low tide session at AI.

    On average I would say that I think the DelMarVa has got VB beat hands down. I can not speak for WB, <<<warmer currents have got to be a plus 5+ from the start at least. I do not think WB is even in the same grouping, got to be better then us or VB.

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    Unfortunately for those of us "delawarians" 9 out of
    10 times warrants a ride to OC.

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    True enough,..I guess I am thinking of it as a quick trip north for me as opposed to another trip south for you.

    Either way DelMarVa does have just enough options to expand our session/swell windows.

    I stay put most of the time, OC gives the goods on average, but it sure is nice to be able to get in those day before and day after by knowing the setup and what will work and when.

    I do not see those options available in VB, is this correct?

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    I have lived in both places and presently in vb. No question, hands down, OC is better and more consistent. OC receive the south swells that miss us and they have barrels. In vb when there's tubes, its still weak.It's a rare day that vb has waves and oc doesn't but more often than not, oc has surf and vb doesn't.