Yeah, like I said, I wasn't trying to diss one place or the other. I mean, VB definately has a ton of good things going on. So does OC MD

Being an MD local, OC MD was all I knew growing up, but like I said, all you ever see nationally about the mid atlantic are OBX, Jerz and VB. So, as a kid coming up, I always had this idea that VB was this big surf Mecca. I knew it wasn't any more consistent really, but I guess its like the old saying, "Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side".

Its good to hear that OC MD is a great area. Im glad I learned waves there for sure. I just dont know much about VB etc...

What I do know about VB, is really only from this site, and although there are some guys who obviously really love the place, all the bad sh** i hear about VB is always from the guys who live there. I mean, hearing from the guys in VB, its like death valley or something.

Its funny, cause it seems like although both places are super similar, the OC MD crew is all super stoked on their spots, and the VB guys are generally angry.

And to my OC MD boys: Fear not, the OC MD area is still as difficult to access as OBX basically. You cant just "pass through" OC MD, so regardless of showing wave photos and promoting the area online etc, if you dont live in DC or baltimore, it just takes too long to get to OC MD. One way in, one way out, unless you are a jersey kid with a boat.