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    we might get lucky and have a little something left for the 26th.
    Saw some dirty spitting wind blown waves up around the line when the sun broke free this afternoon, Tuesday might be a good one.

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    I am calling out of work to hit the swell tomorrow. should be clean 3-4ft plus here in DelMarva.

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    looks clean for OCMD.Too bad i have school

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    I caught my disgruntled overcrowded homebreak with only 4 or so other guys out, big, clean, and fun for a couple hours before dark. About as good as you can get it there considering the usual 800000 kooks.

    Needless to say it was DRIFTY.

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    Well i have to miss tomorrow, and i was dieing from not getting wet so i paddled out at 37th this afternoon, long paddle out.. got a few big ones, then as i floated north (didnt realize i was going to end up at 72th) it got really hollow and closed out.. took the beating of my life on my last wave.. Solid, and windy for sure.. no one else out either.. stoked to have done it, was worried i wouldn't even make it out when i saw it first