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Thread: Viper Fins

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewJerseySponge View Post
    Do u feel a difference between the two. Which pair do u like better?
    v5 flex i like better.

  2. I have pod2 now but I don't think they are for me. They are a bit to stiff for me and i always seem to get caught up on the inside for way to long, ya know on the bigger days. I have pretty strong legs and a clean kick but sometimes I don't want to take off bc the dreaded paddle back out. So...I blame it in the fins. Hopefully my new Vipers will cut me through the rip no prob. As far as bootiies, my H2's keep me warm but it just sucks after a three hour session my toes are so pruned they peel.

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    v5 in summer, cant wear my booties with, to tight. if u wear a 10.5 then i would have got xl so u can wear them with booties with more room. goodluck