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    Fiberglass in Va

    Any one in the Va beach area buying fiberglass any where other then online ? just so much industry in the 757 got be somewhere selling it , any help would be great man i hate ordering it off line

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    That's a great question man. I'm up closer to DC and I can't find it anywhere for less than $12/yd. It's mostly from West Marine, and they're not cutting any deals. I asked if they would sell the whole role at a discount and they said no way. I've looked in DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Philly. It's really hard to find. Let me knwo if you find anything in VA beach.

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    Geeze $12/yard is insane, even online you can get it for $3.50/yard. WRV will sell it to you by the yard if your close enough to the outer banks.

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    You might want to ask Austin if he has some to sell. His shop is on 19th St. Zippy is correct, $3.50 is the going rate.