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    Good sh** guys. Nice info. I appreciate it. Right now im just looking at all the flight pricing on expedia etc... I think I will probably try and nail down the airfare first, then work on the hotel/condo thing.

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    Hawaii is dumb expensive!! Your best bet at getting a good deal is expedia if you book at least a month in advance. Since you will be with your lady I seriously recomend a 3 star hotel and better anything less and the quality and service just gets worst. I was just there in August and my wife and I had a blast but let me warn you. Waikiki is crowded with tourist and is not as romantic as some of the other places that were mentioned. Whats exactly do I mean by expensive...... Breakfast usually $30 and up Lunch $40 and up and Dinner $60-100 per couple not including drinks. One night we went out for pizza 2 pies and 4 beers came out to like $80 bucks. Kobe beef burgers for lunch $60 bucks. Wahoo for dinner $120. A decent hotel on Waikiki is $275- $400 a night. Rental cars are about $80-$100 a day. Go to diffrent sites and see what the offer, I've been doing business with expedia for over 8 yrs now and the have never disapointed. If you have an issue they will make it right. They have Mcdonalds and Burgerking all over the place but thats not what you came to Hawaii to eat. Hope this is helpfull.

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    Hanalei Colony Resort
    HCR. In Hanalei Bay. Nice left reef point/as well as a right on the other side of the bay. Also a few sick peaks inside the bay on the beachparks. Wonderful/Good Vibe Town of Hanalei. Stay at Hanalei Colony Resort, book through expedia, travelocity,etc... if possible. Perfect for a couple, secluded rooms less than 50 feet from the water, overlooking the N.PAC with whales jumping, insane rainbows, perfect trip. Take a day to walk the Napali Coast Trail, never hiked before, WORHTH IT to go 4 miles to a "secret" beach,(10 min after we arrived a rowboat arrived with 4 guys and boards, they started ripping the waimea like beachbreak!) Perfect place to stay, period. Going back ASAP. Highly Reccomended!!!!!

  4. Maele Skycourt

    The Maele Skycourt is the nicest cheap hotel. If you do a travelocity trip search, its often the cheapest place. Right in town. You have to pay to park in the garage. Some of the cheaper deals on hotels are more like youth hostels than hotels.
    Yes its expensive, but not as expensive as people think if you look for where the locals eat. Skip Planet Hollywood and go to Wailana Coffee House.
    Get a package deal online. The flight back always sucks so I usually stop over for a day in LA, SF or Las Vegas. Breaks up the flight. Less Jet Lag.
    Rent a car. Its a must. There is plenty to do all over the island. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet over by Pearl Harbor. Its on weekends and one day during the week. 10 tshirts for 10 bucks, cant beat it. And enough beach towels and crap stamped with Hawaii for your whole family.
    If you want romantic, go outer island, but it gets expensive fast. The further away from Oahu you get, the less populated it is, the more expensive everything becomes. Almost everything is shipped to Oahu before going outer island.
    If you do go outer island, don't take too many pictures of where you surf. The locals don't like that.
    Good luck with taking the plunge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    Hey, I saw your post and thought I'd add my two cents....go to Maui or Kauai...!!!!
    X2.....Maui & Kauai are much nicer for a honeymoon.

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    Does it need to be a tropical destination?

    What about getting a cabin up in Sonoma or something? I mean you live at the beach; why not try something a little different?

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    The weather is not too bad in Sept in Costa, October is the worst. I went the first week in Sept this year and it only rained in the afternoon, but the surf was sub-par by far. Plus you are on your honeymoon so I doubt you will leave your room too much anyway!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    Italy and France were our first choices because I am a sommelier and in the restaurant business and my Fiance is a chef. So naturally, the south coast of france jumped out at me and we are both Italian, so we were interested in visiting "the mother land"... But long story short, we can't even find airfare that is under $3000... That is just out of our budget really. We want to save as much money from the wedding because after we marry, we are going to reconsider where we live and possibly look at a condo or something back in OC MD or VB... So, I want to go somewhere nice, but cheap.... I know that is a lot to ask. But a flight from San Diego to Hawaii is much cheaper than one to France... Unless you guys have insider info on getting across the pond cheaper.

    I know guys that fly from SD to San Jose CR all the time for like $300-$350 roundtrip. And I also know that guys get pretty cheap roundtrip to Hawaii too. I just have no inside info on Europe. It all just points to INSANELY expensive.
    Try Kayak's "Buzz" feature then select Buzz and your departure city and month. Focus on Lisbon.

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    go to Oahu! its the ****! Maui is more for tourists, but they have more things to do for your honey moon situation. Oahu is also cheaper.

    Stay at Turtle Bay Resort. It would make a perfect honey moon spot.

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    I can endorse the Turtle Bay Resort - very nice up country. The hotel is probably overpriced these days but I would recommend the condos/shacks that are on the premises. First week of September isn't much of a swell maker time but by DelMarVa standards will probably be ridable and maybe even very ridable. And, you can surf right out front.