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Thread: tides????

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    btw, does anyone know how they write those reports??Do they actually have some local going to the beach every morning? or is it just some dude in an office somewhere staring at the cam?
    My recollection is years ago, Mr. Swellinfo used to give the surfline report for spots on the Delmarva, but i might just be imagining that cause i agree then and now it was pretty unreliable (no offense intended if my memory serves and Micah was actually doing it) but for all of ocean city, MD that report is one spot, one time, one tide. i think we can all agree that from one end of town to the other, one tide shift to another it can pretty easily range from knee high to stomach or better.

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    I take Surfline & Magic seaweed with a grain of salt. Surfline... good cams but the reports don't keep with changing conditions and I feel their interpretation of waves ie. poor to fair in VB doesn't fit with my interpretation of what is poor waves which would be unrideable or unshredable waves...everything else is fair game. Magic seaweed will say 3 stars and high high and it will be the worst unrideable waist high slop (no lie happened to me last month but I was desperate to surf I believed the report rather than listening to swellinfo). Swellinfo while not always perfect, is the closest to real wave conditions I have found. I tell people all the time to forget surfline and check you guys out. Plus I like to put my two cents in about everything... like I am doing now.