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    Chile-- The inevitable

    It was bound to happen, the past 20 years or so have been fairly quiet for the pacific ring of fire...

    anyone here in Socal have to evacuate or know any further details about this earthquake?

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    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    Me. I had to get out of the water around noon. They cleared all the movie trucks out that were filming. My fiance works at a place right on the beach in OB and she has to leave by 3 today. They put a warning on my door, but I am up the hill above the cliffs a little, so we are fine... I have to work tonight and I run a restaurant that is on the La Jolla Cove, but we are like 200-250 feet above it... But, they are flying helicopters over telling people to leave the beaches.... This is gonna ruin my business tonight! BLAH!

    Still interesting. Im going to stay out of the water until this thing lands. Hopefully it wont be anything. But this is a good example of PRO-ACTIVE approaches to natural disasters. I would rather them clear every beach town in CA for a few hours rather than risk one fatality. So, i think its an over-reaction, but I am happy to oblige.