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View Poll Results: Which of the newest wetsuits feature the best combination of the newest technologies

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  • Ripcurl F-Bomb Chest Zip

    9 12.68%
  • O'Neill Psyco Freak

    16 22.54%
  • Body Glove Vapor Slant Zip

    2 2.82%
  • Xcel Infinity Dry Lock

    26 36.62%
  • Matuse Tumo

    1 1.41%
  • Quiksilver Cypher

    1 1.41%
  • Billabong SG5

    1 1.41%
  • Matuse Hoplite

    3 4.23%
  • West Lotus

    1 1.41%
  • Patagonia R4

    4 5.63%
  • Hotline Reflex

    0 0%
  • Other

    8 11.27%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallysurfr View Post
    Is ^ hooded? If so, get yourself some 7 mil boots and a good set of gloves and you would be comfy all year. I know you're a ways from the water (gets dark early) but you could be a weekend warrior... Earlier in this thread someone said they surf Monmouth County NJ all year in a hooded 4/3 with no problems...

    Daylight savings is coming... countdown 5 more days till my after work sessions go from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours...
    you'd have to be a pretty big guy with a lot of meat on you to surf w/ a 4/3 all year in mon cty.

    great swell early last april i tried to ditch the 5mm and go w/ the 4/3 and sep. hood and it was quite a mistake. i stayed in for a while, but by the time i was out and undressed, i had the chills and they stuck with me all day. that was terrible. couldn't surf the second session

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    Quote Originally Posted by shorepoints View Post
    I have been wearing a hooded 4/3 Xcel Drylock this winter in NJ and have been reasonably warm. I'm probably pushing it a little bit since the water's been in the high 30s, but I haven't been freezing and I'll take the lighter weight and flexibility. Using 5-mil Drylock split-toe boots and 5-mil O'neill lobster-claws.
    yeah, I was going by what ^ said. I personally wear a psycho 6/5/4 in the dead of winter which is a bit overkill but i can stay out for 3+ hours easy. Just picked up the West Lotus 5/4 which is nice and will be a good in between suit or a dry suit to put on for the second session...