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i stand by my recommendation for probox and hope that you havent completely written off the probox system.
to each their own...i don't really ride fin system boards anymore...i've got my 5 bonzers (glassed on side runners, fins unlimited center box) & my log (stright single). i likely won't be replacing my quad fish & dwart when they die or i decide to sell them.
i've also become a big fan of marlin bacon's bamboo fins...he doesn't make short board fins for any system except lokbox. the lightness of his fins easily offsets any weight added by the box. goy my step-bro a set for his speeddialer for xmas & he loves them...keeps his fibreglass set around only as a back-up. if i do decide to get another board w/ a fin system, it'll likely be a replacement for my bruised & battered quad fish & i'll prob. be going w/ lokbox b/c of the bamboo fins & variety of templates offered.

i'll grant you that the idea behind probox is unique & certainly has merit.