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    I got the surgery yesterday and it turns out my labrum was not torn, my clavicle was just pinching it so they shaved the bone very little, out of water time now reduced to 3 months!!! I'll wait till august tho, cheers.
    good news, and I hoe you have a quick recovery.

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    I realize i may be a little late but coming from a person of experience i can say that with strong motivation and persistent rehab you'll be back in the water and ton whomever said it you will absolutely have a new respect for the power and beauty of the ocean and its experiences. I had total shoulder reconstruction last winter after dislocating my right shoulder 5 times and after a long and torturous 6 month recovery was up and back in the water and surfing better than ever. Unfortunately i have no starting havibng trouble with the left arm going loose on me but the ocean will forever be calling me an i will always answer. keeep your head up you are not alone and maybe one day there will be a beach somewhere where we all will have to be wheel-chaired in and dumped in the ocean and pushed into waves..but until then..keep getting cut up...keep recovering..and keep surfing. i will...and i hope you all do too...its so worth it.