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    billabong/js surfboard question ?

    the billabong shop right near me has 2 models i cant find on the internet and want to look up because i really hate to buy a board ive never ridden before but they look nice. the baords are billabong but they are shaped by js, the models are the anarchy and the accelerator. anyone ever ridden one heard anything about them or know how they perform ?

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    Second, Call primal surf shop 609-264-1999 or go to (out of Brigantine, right next to Atlantic City)

    They are doing $150-250 off brand new JS models. They have a ridiculous selection. id say ask for mike, but i think hes in California right now.
    DONT BUY FROM BILLABONG - they wil charge you $600 before tax

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    thats awesome thanks i defintly gota check that out. i get discounts at the local billabong shop so i get a board for 650 for like 500 but thats even cheaper. if i wana buy a 5'11 anarchy model, its a high performance shoardboard thinner than what i usually ride dot hey hold up well in jersey winter swells ? all im concerned about is if it will float me enough for next winter and winters to come because i dont wana drop that much on a new board that i can only really perfom on in hurricane season