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    Arrow what kind of board...beginner


    my parents finally are going to let me start surfing now that i graduated and am going into my freshmen year and im wondering what kind of board i should get

    heres my information

    age 14
    weight 115
    height 5'4

    ive been skim boarding for about 3 or 4 years now so my balance should be pretty good....any recomendations tips links will help my general area is west coast of florida but i constantly travel to the east coast of florida and travel to new york frequently

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    I think you should go with a funboard. around 7 foot. they are good to learn on. easy to catch waves with and you can still move around with them pretty good.

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    firesurfer Guest

    the right board

    get a good board between 7 and 8 ft bic makes good surf boards and they hold a good resale value if and when you want to trade up. go by innerlight and see nick he can get you what ya need.

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    floats you

    Learn on a board that floats you with most of your body out of the water when you're sitting, move to smaller boards when you got the balance part down on the long board. Don't pay a paper thin potato chip no matter what the cool kid at the surf shop tells you it won't do you any favors.