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    Headed to Boston

    I've got a family trip planned to visit my sister in Boston for 5 days. I'd like to get a at least a couple of sessions in while I'm out there. I'm from CO and won't be bringing any of my gear so I'm trying to get a feel for whether it's worth renting a suit and board or if there are any dudes who may be down to borrow/rent for booze type deal. Not sure how the scene is so I guess I'm just throwing a feeler out. I'm 29, 6'1", 180lbs. Early sessions and beers to follow are my idea of a good start to the day. Hopefully this doesn't fall on deaf ears. Word.


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    A couple of sessions- REALLY? You going to get a couple of sessions on a 5 day trip to BOSTON? It is rideable and or worth getting in there a handful of times a year. It is not even a good surf destination on the East Coast. And the east coast in my opinion (born in Jersey, surfed up and down east coast until moving to San Diego 5 years ago) is a novelty when it comes to surfing. Enjoy the city, have fun with your sister and family, the surf will be flat and or not worth getting wet for. Hit the slopes when you get back to CO!

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    where do you rip it in sd?

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    Few of things- I will have a car to get around so I do not expect to surf IN boston or even in that area. And as far as it not being a destination I realize that but it really isn't up to me where my sister chooses to live....So make lemonade. Also I think you must understand that as a surfer from CO I have to take advantage of every single opportunity to get wet. Beggars can't be choosers. So again, anyone that currently lives in the Boston area and has info let me know.

    Maybe I'll run into you in SD sometime(doubtful) but I do make it down there to shred 4-5 times a year.

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    shredding, ripping, we have it all in SD. i prefer shralfing

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    More like NH

    Ok, so it looks like I'll be up to toward NH a bit more. and I've sorted that none of the shops rent this time of year. So is there anyone out there who may be willing to borrow/rent in that area? I know it's asking a lot but I'd sure like to get some turns in. I'm down for whatever, I can ride just about anything, but from the looks of it a 6'2", 20 3/8", 2 3/8"ishhhhhh.... would be hot. this is definitely just a damn pipe dream.

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    When are you going? That is pretty important when it comes to water temp (wetsuits) to swell consistency.

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    If you don't mind a 45 minute drive to NH, you can surf Jenness Beach or Hampton Beach. Cinnamon Rainbow on Rt 1A in Hampton and Pioneer Surf on Rt 1 in North Hampton rent boards and suits. Probably only $30 for 24 hours. Good surf expected this upcoming week (not sure when you're arriving). Talk to Steve or Brian at Pioneer Surf...they'll hook you up. Cinnamon Rainbow is right on the beach, though...might be easier.

    Cinnamon Rainbow...931 Ocean Blvd (Rt 1A) Hampton, NH. 603-929-7467

    Pioneer Surf...62 lafayette Rd (Rt 1) North Hampton, NH. 603-964-7714

    Good luck!


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    I'll be up toward NH the mornings of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (4/2, 4/3, 4/4). I was told by Cinnamon Rainbow that no one rents this time of year..... So I'm kind of F'd on the rental scene. But hopefully I can work something out. We''ll see

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    Crunkdeville- Please tell us did you surf in Boston or NH? If not how was your trip otherwise?
    WCEC- what is shralfing ? I now mostly surf between Del Mar and Oceanside, since I Iive in Encinitas. I mix it up as much as I can because I get bored surfing the same spot all the time. It is funny to always see the same guys at the same spot "locals"- also known as boring! Big fan of Oside Harbor, Solana beach, Grandview, Del Mar Rivermouth, Cbad Campgrounds. Like I said I try to mix it up. When I can- Sunset Cliffs and Blacks are great winter spots too.