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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtythirty34 View Post
    And if you are stepping down from a longboard that def helps alot. As rob says 'foam is your friend'!
    I think you have a good point, here. At 3" thick & 22" wide, it's a lot of foam, but still not as much as a longboard. A 225 lbs guy stepping down from a longboard seems like one hell of a niche market to mass produce a board for, but what do I know?

    I'm beginning to believe the Fishcuit's ability to do well on the advertised "head & a half" waves is based purely on how good today's average surfer (like scotty ) is these days & not the original intent of the design.

    Other than the Pavel, I see the Fishcuit as one of the most retro style hulls. Of course the fin config is contemporary, as well as the amount of "v" & outline, but not like like most of the contemporary fish I've seen.

    I just started the thread because 100% of the threads I read...including this one...has at least one guy hovering around 200 lbs saying he went smaller than a 6'0". I found that odd & was wondering if someone actually had a 6'4". Seems like a weird size in this board to make & market, since nobody surfs over 6'0".

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieInOC View Post
    So scotty you say that the fishcuit is for guys that cant surf or paddle. Is that why every team surfer on the C.I. surfteam rides them. And i ride one myself. I think your the one who cant surf. so GO HOME
    Charlie..the guy was asking who a 6'4" fishcuit is made for...maybe read next time before you rant. Sorry to offend but i really think a 6'4" (over three inches thick) fishcuit is made for someone who is either super large, or who is of limited ability.
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