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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Karl View Post
    Since all that erosion there are tons of rusty old pipes stickin out by steel and garden pier.
    In between the groin at garden and steel there are a few wooden steaks sticking out only visible at low.

    From garden to steel there is a bunch of 10 ft tall cement sewage looking thingys stick out

    and on the north side of the groin there is another set of steaks/pilings coming up right along it.

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    The other day I pulled about a 10 foot long piece of rusted metal out of the sand in knee deep water at low tide. About four feet of it was sticking up out of the sand, with about two feet of it sticking up out of the water. Took me a minute, but I pulled it up and out of the sand and dragged it up the beach to the dune line. Encrusted with barnacles... someone had tied a long piece of caution tape to it. It would have literally impaled you if you where to happen to fall on it.