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Thread: Water Temp

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    i use a 3/2 5mm gloves and 5mm boots.. the weather was around 65 but really windy.. its doable if the weather is nice

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    There were already some of the small clear jellies today in monmouth county

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    i would have tested out the 3/2 today had it actually got to 60 degrees. i did go without gloves though. it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, and lower 60s so i think it's time for it. i will probably wear the 3/2 until the water hits 65 which i am hoping will be before june 1st if the weather warms back up again, and stays the way. i usually lose the boots at 60 or 62. i like being as comfortable as possible.

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    since its gonna be windy, you guys think a hood is necessary this aft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feesh View Post
    since its gonna be windy, you guys think a hood is necessary this aft?
    you'll be fine with no hood

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    I would say unless your really tough or don't own a 4/3 than it should be O.K for an hour or so. But you will def feel it by the end of the session. I wore a 4/3 when the water temps were "45" and trust me I got COLD. This weekend will be super nice so, I think you could get away with a good 3/2 for a bit. I perfer to not be as 'core' and wear a warmer suit but thats on you my friend.

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    Went out in a 3/2 today. Wore the hood cause it was really windy. Saw some guys without them though.

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    used my 3/2 no hood today my head was a little cold but thats just the wind. its defiantly 3 mil season

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    yep...3/2 season is upon us. lots of new faces in the water today that i didn't see all winter. i wore my 3/2 w/ 3mil boots & 1.5mil gloves. no hood...there were a few guys out wearing hoods & no gloves, but that wouldn't have been my preference.
    as strong as the wind was today, i'm sure the water temp will plunge a bit, but bounce back fairly quickly. in a month's time, we'll be talking about ditching the boots.