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Thread: firewire

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    I just came into some money via insurance after my house burnt down and i'm gonna use some of it to purchase a new surfboard. I'm probably getting a firewire, cause i've been interested in them for a while. I've been riding a chili 6'4" thruster/squash tail for a couple years now, and am looking for something a little thicker and shorter that will be fun on small ocean city days but also hold up in good conditions (outter banks overhead barrels). A guy at K coast suggested either the dominator model 6'0" or the quadfish 5'10", i've never owned a fish so the quadfish is intriguing to me. I weigh about 166, am 6'0" tall, 24 years old and am borderline intermediate/advanced. Does anybody that surfs firewires have any suggestions? I've been wanting a new board for a couple years and am stoked as hell to get a new firewire.
    I am 6'0" 175 lbs and i am riding a 5'6" x 19.25" x 2.25" RNF so i think you could go a little smaller for a fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by nattybohson View Post
    i can spend anywhere up to about a grand, i'm totally open to suggestions and am really lookin for something quality.
    for that amount of money you could have Hamish Graham custom shape you two boards- I'd suggest the "S models" (Brett Simpson) Groveler & Workhorse- the former to kill the waist high slop & the latter to charge when it gets good- but very easy to transition from one to another seamlessly. He's a legendary underground shaper who's made boards for pros (& the rest of us) for decades but chose to keep his operation small enough that you talk to him, he shapes your board & the price is incredible considering the pedigree of the shaper. Traditional blanks with epoxy "glass" = great flex with increased durability. Check em out SuperStix Surfboards San Clemente CA.
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    I currently ride the 5'10" Firewire quadfish as my everyday board. After 20 years of surfing, it's my fav all time board... so much so, that when I got offered a sick deal on another one, i snatched it up for when the time should arise. Just to compare, I'm 6'0", 175lbs. It rides knee high to overhead, not that it's my go to for overhead, i just grossly misjudged the cams and was way undergunned, but she performed admirably.

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    I'm sold on the quadfish. Thanks again for everybody's advice, i'm gonna go buy it prob monday morning and be surfing it that afternoon.

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    I bought a 6'0" quadfish about a year ago. I can ride it up to about chest high and after that it starts sliding out on bottom turns. So for an average day its pretty good. It also gets going pretty fast right from the start. Ive found that it rides much better on clean days. When the wind is on it a bit and blowing side or onshore it sucks. For an overhead day in the Outer Banks, I wouldn't even bother with it. Overall, I like the board but I find its use is limited to knee to chest high and clean. I havent messed around with different fins in the board, but maybe that would help with sliding out when its over chest high. Its a good board to add to the quiver, but definitely shouldn't be your only board.