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    keeping hydrated during a session

    so when you go out do you usually bring a gatorade or water? for me i get dehydrated very easily. sometimes i can go a few hours, but even in the winter i make sure to bring a little backpack, and have at least two cold gatorades or bottles of water. it's nice to be at a break where there is a drink machine accessible, but a lot of times there aren't especially when you're surfing on a residential lined beach. sometimes i can go hours without needing to get out of the water, and take a drink. a lot of times i can't so it's really important for me to stay hydrated.

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    Man, I am ALWAYS dehydrated. Its weird. I will drink a whole gatorade before a session, and I am still out there hacking up flem and spitting from having a dry mouth. I even try and drink like 6-7 glasses of water while im at work each day, but then I just piss all the time. And the next morning, I am still dehydrated. It is bad, but I dont let it stop me. I surf everyday, usually between 1-2 hours and every single day I am dehydrated. I drinks about 2-3 large gatorades per day... They weather where I live is hot and dry, but not that bad.

    I also drink quite frequently. So, most nights I am having glasses of wine of some beers before bed, and then I wake up with a completely dehyrdated body. You let me know if you figure this one out, because it has been years since I have been hydrated properly on a regular basis. But ohh well. I still go out every day and evaporate what little moisture I have left in my body....

    I have been trying to get my sh** hydrated for years... I think it has to do with the dry heat out here and allergies that I developed on the west coast. Never had an allergy once in my life till I moved out here. Now every few months, my whole nasal system gets all jacked up and flemmy.... who knows... But let me know if you find out a good solution....

    Im guessing it takes weeks of hydrating day after day after day so that your body becomes accustomed to it. I am just all over the place though... I blame it on the adhd =)

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    that sucks dude. only solution i can think of is bringing a little backpack with some water, or gatorade. thats what i do. i try to stay in the water as long as i can without getting thirsty. i find the time i seem to be least thirsty is once the water gets to 65, and i can go out there in just my shorts. even if it's 80 degrees out, because the cool water keeps me regulated. it keeps me from overheating. it's so humid out here on the east coast, and the more humid the more thirsty i am too.

    i had one really bad experience a few years ago. it was really bad. i was riding my bike back from the beach after a session. it was in september right after labor day, and still hot, and i was riding my bike back home which was like a 7 minute or so bike ride. just by chance i didn't bring anything to drink that day which was the last time i ever didn't take a drink with me. this was in manasquan, and i remember being thirsty before i even got out of the water i was riding my bike past carlsons corner, and was debating whether i should stop in, and get a snapple or water, and i decided against it, so i decide to tough it out for the mile+ ride home, and it was the longest bike ride i've ever taken it felt like. i remember huffing, and puffing trying to ride my bike up the 10 foot uphill grade up the main st bridge, and i had to use all my energy to go like 7 miles per hour. it felt like i was riding right into a 30 mile per hour wind. i remember feeling like i was gonna pass out, and i remember almost riding my bike right into a car, and i almost took out this old woman walking, and a little pre school aged kid. i got my bike into my yard, but collapsed as i was getting off. it was EXTREMELY embarrassing too, because the old woman across the street i almost took out saw the whole thing, but i used every bit of energy to pick myself up, and unlock the door, and walk to the house.

    i was so thirsty this was one of the rare exceptions i drank tap water, because i was so thirsty, and i must have had 6 glasses. it got to the point where my mouth was thirsty, but my stomach was way too full, and thats another terrible feeling in itself. i went back out for a little evening walk, and that old lady was there, and asked me if i had too much to drink haha. i told her it was the exact opposite! i apologized to the poor woman, and had to explain what happened that way they didn't think a wreckless nut was living in the neighborhood trying to take out 4 year olds, and elderly woman on their bike! since that day i make no exceptions. i bring a drink every time i go to surf. sometimes i go the whole session without needing it, but i bring it nevertheless. better safe than sorry.

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    Dude, just drink the water you're surfing in. It's water.

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    Nothings worse than being real thirsty with dry mouth and having that salty taste. That sucks !

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    When you are working out and need something to drink before after or during your workout don't drink ice cold fluids. Drinking fluids that are slightly cooler then room temp is the way to go. It takes less time and energy for your body to absorb the liquid. Also stay away from the gatorades and stick to water all that high fructose corn syrup isn't good for anything. The main goal is to have 54oz of water per day. Depending on your body type you may need more than that.

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    You get thirstier faster surfing because of osmosis through the skin. Salt water submersion, from what I understand, causes gradual loss of water through the skin as the skin pumps water outward, trying to equalize the salinity on both sides of the semi-permiable membrane that is your skin.

    DON'T drink ocean water if you're thirsty. Your kidneys will work harder trying to eliminate the excess salt from your body, while every cell in your body does the same thing... squeeze out water to eliminate the excess salt. This just makes you dehydrated faster.

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    DON'T drink ocean water if you're thirsty.
    Did you really need to say this? Really? Really. Really?

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    I just drink a bottle or water before I go in and one when I get out and I am good. I hate not having anything to drink after I get done surfing even more so in the summer

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    you crazy noobs,

    just chew 2 pieces of gum while you are out in the water. works everytime. 2 glasses of h2o before your session / 2 pieces of gum during / 2 glass of h2o after = solid hyrdration.