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    Getting new board: quad anyone?

    I'm getting a new summer board for small days. I was thinking of going quad for my next one, in particular either buying a Xanady Pig 2 or having one made with the same properties by a local shaper: wide and flat, quad with half-moon tail.

    I have a retro fish and a modern fish already, just not a quad. Anyone have a pig 2 and recommend it? or should I just go with a quad fish? Remember, it's for small or mushy days, got a quiver for the rest of the days

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    HEY! How'd you get ahold of my Buddy Mike's boards????? I'm gonna track you down and cut your leash... or worse.

    Hold on, MathTeacher, zat you Mike???

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    otter, what up bro

    What up Otter, you belong to ALL surfing websites? Dude, Suckouts was fun, caught some fun shoulder+ waves. See you at the next one

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    hi mathteacher, that is a sweet quiver you have there

    we should all be so lucky. gimme the run own on the specs-you look like you are set up for every possible point and beachbreak situation between point conception and cabo

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    half moon tail

    any luck with the half moon tail

    i have a hard time believing that it is all that different from a deep swallow on one of your fish? seems like more of a fashion tail than a function tail-but i've never ridden one either

    notice any difference?