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    Quote Originally Posted by eatswell View Post
    i am really curious about puerto rico.
    I took a surf trip to Puerto Rico back in February 2009. Most consider Puerto Rico as the Atlantic's Hawaii. We stayed in Aquadilla right next to airport. We caught a good swell, but winds killed most spots. (Surfers Beach, Wilderness Choppy NE winds 6-8ft), (Gas Chambers [protected spot] epic 6-10ft backdoor pipe), Downtown Aquadilla - Sand Pits was 6-8ft and perfect), (Tamarindo fun 4-6ft), (Marias 6-8ft semi-chop), (Tres Palms 10-15ft Plus and perfect for the Greg Knoll types), (Little Mailbu 3-4ft and fun, but very shallow on umbrella coral with a hint of fire coral), Overall it was a good trip except for the weather rainy with heavy NE winds and cool temps. The locals were great and even pointed out where to paddle out. Got to surf with Hector Santa Maria ( a teenage pro surfer, but very cocky.

    Here are some images from my trip.
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