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Thread: toe blisters

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    toe blisters

    Has anyone ever had problems with blisters on the top of the big toe - from the board and sand abrasion?

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    Yup, but only when I longboard. It's from my toe knuckle rubbing when I paddle and pop up. I try to bend my knees and keep my feet elevated when I paddle to prevent or lessen it. It sucks.

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    Top of the right (back) foot for me. Ususally only on the longboard. But I am 6-4 and no matter what I try that back foot seems to drag often enough to start chaffing the top of the foot.

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    It really sucks, I got one once from my short board when my toe chafed against the tail of my board...

    Have you ever tried putting an ace bandage on your toe in the spot that you know you are going to get one? they have the kind that are water proof and sticky? Maybe that could be a way to lessen the friction or it could provide padding.

    Dont know- there is no real way to avoid them but maybe there is a way to lessen the suck.