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    most towns i would say the water in jersey is real clean. atlantic city is an obvious ****hole, and spring lake has the pipeline which is pretty gross especially for a town of multi million dollar residents. also i haven't seen a needle wash up since 1987 my very first surfing experience. heard it was pretty bad in 88 also, but i didn't really go to the beach much in jersey that summer at all as i was all over the country. haven't heard or seen any syringe wash up since,

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    MATT YOU MUST BE JOKING. You love New Jersey regardless of their filthy water. The reason you never saw needles is because you can't see more than 3 inches in that black polluted ocean. NJ is a shet hole

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    I here all this talk about Needles I have never seen one ever. I have to say after a heavy rain more so in the summer you dont wanna be the water for at least a cpl days after the rain storm
    I never saw them, either, and I was born and raised two blocks from the Long Branch beaches when they were the mid-80s. The reason for the needles was a barge in the Arthur Kill (NY harbor) dumped trash and medical waste, which floated out past the Varrazano Bridge, around Sandy Hook and deposited all kinds of trash, including hypodermic needles, along the northern and central coast of NJ.

    Anybody who's regurgitating this as anything but a one time incident is completely clueless.

    As far as the water being dark, it's because cold water displaces bottom layers of water, stirring algae and plankton to the top. So, in reality, the water in NJ actually teams with more microscopic life....hence the whale sightings. Don't let me stop the ignorant from believing otherwise, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avonsurfernc View Post
    MATT YOU MUST BE JOKING. You love New Jersey regardless of their filthy water. The reason you never saw needles is because you can't see more than 3 inches in that black polluted ocean. NJ is a shet hole
    Actually the water is only filthy sometimes. Most of the times when im out in the morning i can see straight to the bottom.

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    I love Jersey. I was born there, and lived there from the time I was 5, and came back, and have been living here up until this year since I was 12. So I have lived in Jersey for 20 years of 27. It will always have a special place to me, but I have decided to leave for another overpriced rat race. Imperial Beach California. It sucks that people who make $30000 a year in Jersey are considered poverty level basically, and that a nice house in an area where there is good business is in excess of $400000 bucks. The only thing I like more about Imperial Beach is that it seems to be a better surfers land. Though I haven't been there yet I have to say. I will be going 4th of July.

    The Jersey water has been clean as long as I can remember. That picture of all that trash appears to be in Atlantic City. AC is not a fair place to give examples of as the beach there does not depict hardly any other beach in the state except AC. Go up one mile to Brigantine, and the place is immaculate. Even Ventnor, Margate, and Longport. Every beach on Absecon Island is pristine aside from AC. Also about North Carolina or at least OBX in particular from what I understand it's dead between mid October up until Easter. I've heard it's hard to find good places to eat, stores, and even jobs in the off season there. Aside from that though I can't deny it's a rockin place!

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    badass avon boy-you come to my beach and show me,or go to island beach state park for that are from vb,right?only made it as far as avon,the nj of Hatteras island?
    couldn't make it to Buxton,so you have all your rage against us,understandable.i'll be in Buxton 4th of july if you want me to bring photos of our surf.what are you like 12 years old?
    funny thing i get along with the Hatteras locals,many of whom are from nj!
    you've never surfed the pier,the inlet,jenks or any other good break here,or you'd love it as much as we do.
    and it's sometimes filthy,but not very often,and mostly in northern monmouth county because of it's proximity to nyc.
    people from Hatteras who have actually been to New Jersey know we have good surf.
    you wouldn't be able to survive without us,either;
    I need Hatteras,but Hatteras needs us,too.
    So go cry are gay.

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    NEW JERSEY= the butt-hole of America

    Why you ask?
    -Industrial Waste

    But I must say, some of jersey is absolutely beautiful, but those main cities are equivalent to a pile of poo

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    yes Jersey is a crap hole. so everyone go away! And leave us alone with our breaks to ourselves, Thanks, that means u NY!!

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    You guys are right. The water is filthy, the people are jerks, its overcrowded, the taxes are high, the traffic is bad and the waves suck.

    Stay home, don't move here it's not worth it and whatever you do don't waste your time surfing our beaches.

    Just a few days ago I saw a BIG shark swim by with a few needles stuck in its side. Don't worry though it was suffocating as its head was covered with a plastic bag...

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    One of the groins @ the Lighthouse. Clearly no comparason... Full of all kinds of metal trash....

    I have to say that in the past 7-10 years every beach I have visited in Jersey (All sourthern beaches) with the exception of AC has been as clean as what I find here on Hatteras. Water clarity is another story though. Although it can be a toss up I would say. Both places have thier good days. I might lean towards Hatteras having a few more clear water days. Surfable clear water days that is. The photos above are not from a "Surfable" day.
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