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Thread: Shark Encounter

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    a mexican cuttin grass
    Why does the Mexican have to be cutting grass? LOL

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    Been seeing a lot of Dolphins in Wildwood Crest/Diamond Beach. I can't remember a year that I went without seeing them around there. It's really cool.

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    yeah, I was at Assateague last weekend and saw a bunch of dolphins, one of them was launching up out of the water probably a good 6 foot into the was wild, man!

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    There was one on brown avenue. A fisherman hooked it and was trying to reel it in for 2 hours or so and then it broke the line. It was a thresher, probably about 5 feet or so and it decided to patrol between the jettys for most of the day while it recovered. Instant crowd control until the lifegaurds kicked everybody out of the water around 10oclock...and didn't let anybody in the water until after they left.

    There are always sharks around in new jersey, especially threshers and brown sharks. They are absolutly harmless.