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    First wave in over 16 years :)

    New member here and just wanted to drop in and say hi..... I haven't surfed since I was younger (18-19) but have been itching for it bad this year So at age 36 I go by and pick up a mini mal to give it a go again. Hit the break for the first time yesterday (Sat) morning at daybreak (6am) and only had about 30 minutes of barely ridable surf in the 5 hrs I stayed out so I didn't even get the chance to try and catch anything but man it felt good to just be out in the water on a board again! So this morning I hit the break again and lo and behold we have waves Nothing big but at least it's fairly clean and ridable (between knee and waist high at best) So I hit the water and just cruise in a few times laying down getting the feel of the waves... Then I eat it a few times trying to find my center standing after all these years I eventually get up on the board and ride a wave or 2 then the waves die It's cool though I had a blast and it felt great to actually get up on a wave after all these years! One thing for sure, I won't be stopping again anytime soon! Looking forward to hanging here a bit and getting to know you guys!

    Oh yea, in case anyone was wondering, I was at Ocean Isle, NC....
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    keep the stoke alive!

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    Nice! You don't want to leave surfing for good! haha

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    Congrate on catching a wave!!! Its so addictive, I'm hooked. Hoping for some nice surf this weekend but it doesn't look like it gonna happen. Goodluck on your furture surfing adventures.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    Felly, Don't lose hope. Looks to me like like late Saturday evening and Sunday could be the best we've had in a few weeks.... It was showing flat last night but they're calling for 4-5 ft now That's not too bad for summer surf here... Poseidon's a pretty cool dude maybe he'll look out for us I'm heading out in a bit to try to catch what little rolls in this evening... It's supposed to pick up some and Salty's surf cam seems to show that since this morning. Peace!
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