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    How big of a difference is there between a $10 walmart and $200 Board?

    Obviously this is a very basic ( and an embarrassing) question. But is there a very substantial difference, noticeable to a new user between the two? Obviously there is a difference, but just how big of a difference is it? Thanks

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    Huge, but you absolutely don't need a 200 dollar board, but stay away from those toys at walmart.(unless they happen to be selling a real bodyboard at your local walmart) There either too small for your height/weight if your an adult or they'll break in half and they are actually glued together rather than one piece. Look at a board like the morey cruiser 42.5 inch. There retailing for 50 bucks at the sports authority. An entry level REAL bodyboard. Everything you could need, except get a real leash for it. There's a HUGE difference between that 50 dollar board and the junk board for like 10 bucks at walmart. The board should come up to around your belly inch either side.
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    Thanks...I have one from a local discount store that doesn't even reach to my waist (I've heard that a board as tall as your bellybutton is good).

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    there is a huge difference and i do not agree with the one guy. Its all personal preference. You need to find out what you like. example, if you like your board stiff or flexible, how many stringers you want. What kind of rails you like, and your tail. Most important if you like to ride dk or prone or both. Like i said, all personal preference. Boards that you see online that 200 dollars are well worth the money if they fit you because they are usually fast boards too.

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    Thanks man