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    Wow, that is a pretty amazing little 66 page resource. Thanks a million. That will more than get me started. That covers all the bases for the designs I am looking to start with. Longboard, then fish etc... So, I won't need to get into new design ideas and concepts until I somewhat master the old school basics of shaping. Just printed the book. I will probably read it like 4 times by the end of the weekend, but its a great start. Thanks again.

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    sweet stuff guys. thanks for the tip about measuring rocker. ive been video documenting the boards creation so since i ordered my fiberglass and fins from wa they will be here sometime next week and ill finish the board. im gonna go ride it and get some fotage of that theni will post the video up here

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    building a board

    Some day we'll have pre made shaping rooms to rent. and tons of passion good luck.

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    i made a board in high school as my "senior project" and living in PA, not too many people i knew could really help but this website gave me so much information-

    also, the author was very informative and responded to numerous emails and answered many questions i had. the board didn't turn out all that great but once i get enough money i definately want to try again.

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