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    tides for myrtle beach (incorrect)

    here is a link that i've used for a couple of years.
    it's 95% correct. here, it's wrong

    here is the link

    SWELL COMING IN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The tides for myrtle beach forecast page on swellinfo look good to me...

    Swellinfo is showing tides for the Springmaid Pier.
    Would it be better to use the Garden city Pier tides (like the link you showed)?

    The two locations vary by like 10-15 minutes... not too big of a deal.
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    i'm pretty sure the springmaid readings are better. the GC readings are based off Charleston data that is buffered by 15 minutes. hey just be in the water 30 minutes before you think the tide is up and you should be ok. SURF