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    Looking for a log

    Looking for a new log...something in the 9'2" to 9'6" range. Looking for a more classic shape (single fin, noseriding capabilities).

    Looking to get something for $500 or less.

    Let me know if anyone has anything. In Jersey and not really interested in traveling too far to get a board - anything on the Jersey coast should suffice, though.

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    momouth beach


    got two /need repairs boards $100 /repairs $100

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    Appreciate the quick reply, flunky. I'm kinda holding out for something water tight and ready to roll. What kind of damage are we talking about here?

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    Anderson DT Single Fin...


    I have a 9'6'' Anderson Diamond Tail single fin. Its a great all around longboard that can handle the shin high days and with the pulled tail, it can easily be a bigger wave log. It has a 9.75 Greenough 4a fin, which is what Anderson recommends. I'm outside of Philly, within easy striking distance of the shore. I'd like $450 and will include a padded day bag with it. Let me know. Thanks.


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    Sounds like just the board I'm looking for - any pictures?

    Also, would you be willing to meet somewhere in the middle? I've got a sedan and a soft rack, so I avoid long travel in my current car, especially when a log is involved.

    Let me know. Thanks for the reply, too, brotha.


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    If you check out the Anderson surfboards web site, the pic of the DT is the same board I have. Its a yellow tint with black & red double pin lines on the deck. It has never been dinged, but it does have some deck dents from normal use. I just never took any pics of it. Meeting half way would be great. Check your pms. Thnx.


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    I dropped a couple logs last night!