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    forecast question

    Can someone please explain to me why swellinfo is predicting SSW waist to stomach with occ chest swell all day long and it's been around 5.8 feet WSW(245-242 degrees) buoy 44097 all day long?(ie the swell is completely missing the beach because of the westerly component and all we have is barely knee high wind slop).

    What are the update times in eastern standard time for the forecast?
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    because the swell has some west in it, the southern facing beaches are going to pick up much more swell than the east facing beaches.

    This is why Swellinfo produces forecast for both south and east facing beaches for Rhode Island.

    By default, the forecast drop down menu for Rhode Island will take you to the south facing forecast:

    But, click on the E button, and you will get to the East Facing Forecast:

    As you can see, the east facing beach forecast is calling for minimal surf.

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    I see that. Thank you.