Submit your best Photo from the Tropical Storm Ernesto swell and win the MIA DVD.

What is MIA?
MIA - Missing In the Atlantic is the first ever EAST COAST bodyboarding video, produced in 2003. Shot over 3 years, this has some of the sickest waves, spots, and riders the east coast has to offer. And, yes, non-bodyboarders are STOKED on this video.

So, how to enter the contest. Just submit your photo in this forum thread and, after a week, we will decide what the best photo is. When submitting leave the location, photographer's name, and date of shot. Submit as many photos as you want.

To include photos, use the image icon (located above in the editor tools) to link to the url of the photo. You can upload your photos to the Swellinfo photo gallery, and then use the photo gallery URL(address) to link the photo in your thread.

Good luck!