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Thread: va beach

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    It won't look like this for you unfortunately, bananadogpizza, but just to show we do get good waves every once in a blue moon.
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    is that you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glassjaw View Post
    We get plenty of steep waves, but I'm not acting like this is Indonesia. I apologize, my emotions got the best of me. I just sense surfers hate in VA, I can see you seething when I'm in the lineup and I find it disheartening.

    And then this guy attacks the body boarders of VA publicly, when as I stated, they are actually really good riders.

    No disrespect intended, I just stated my opinion which I stand behind.
    No worries man, apologies from me as well...too long without any good waves and I get a short fuse. Hopefully not much longer!

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    Yeah, that's me. Here's another one from the same day, but this time it's my friend riding. This was March 2010, btw. We had my buddies girlfriend with us, otherwise we wouldn't have any pics. Which is typical, rarely do I get pics.
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    sick looks like a really fun day. i know exactly where you're coming from man. i try to drag the birds out too but "nice beach days" NEVER coincide with the days we have good waves, its always too cold, windy, rainy, snowy, stormy ect

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    I used to be all about taking pictures. Here's one I took when I just started. It's from the November 3, 2008 hurricane swell. It's my same friend who is shacked in the one above. Anyone who remembers this day is praying for another one just like it soon!
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    so ya know

    Sunday and monday are calling for waist to shest high windswell. I for one fi sitting on the beach would be dying to paddle out. Then again if its rideable IM on it, dont care if its ankle high i always seem to see that one little wave that looks fun and regret to having the right board with me. So bring glass!

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    First of all, if there is a wave at all in Vb than its firing down in Hatteras- look at the continental shelf to see why. Secondly, VB leash laws and surfing restrictions are just further proof that Americans hate freedom, especially virginia beachians. And lastly, avoid first street and croatan at all costs unless you absolutely love a crowd, its even bad mid-winter at those spots. The upside is that 90% of the people out in the lineup are just working on their tans.

    PS hit up Marys on 17th street for a killer breakfast all day long.
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    Others are right saying the best place to surf and avoid a crowded lineup is the north end of the beach, basically anywhere 47th street and north. You can usually walk and find a break somewhere. Or just jump in and drift till you get to one and try to stay there. But be careful on the weekends. Surfing isn't allowed from 10 AM to 4 PM. If its firing there will be people out there, but cops get called or just wander down the beach and write up some fat tickets.

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    Thumbs down

    looks like a period of like 10ish secs- not too bad
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