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It's called a longboard hangover and the reason I forced myself to stop using my Infinity Cluster V. The ease of paddling and ability to effortlessly catch waves was so addictive that started to use it in everything...including head-high and above.

After surfing it exclusively for 3 months, I was all jacked up when I swapped back to big guy shortboard. My timing was off....I was out of "paddling shape".....hell...just sitting on a shortboard felt weird, with the waterline around my waist and what not. The moral is: If you want to remain good at shortboarding, only use a longboard when you absolutely have to. Just my 2 cents.....
I ride a log 95% of the time. i have been forcing myself to ride my shorter boards cause I wanna be more versitle in the water. I try to ride my Shorter boards in at least a cpl times a week if possible