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    Are Quivers overrated

    How many boards from your quiver actually get used?For the spongers out there ,do you guys roll with a quiver?

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    interesting as i just sold 2 boards and i'm now down to 2. my main board is for knee to head high, maybe a little overhead (not so sure yet as i haven't had the opportunity to push it). the other is strictly for overhead days. for me, i surf better when i have one board dialed rather than switching up too much.

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    Grovel, Shorty, and Fun shape.

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    no , not at all..i have over 10 and they all have there place. he best thing you can do is have a diverse quiver

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    Depends. I typically ride the same 2-3 boards about 80 percent of the time, but if I didn't have a large quiver, I would be on the beach the other 20%. If you surf as much as you can, or everyday, you are going to encounter all kinds of conditions...

    So, if you have the time to be in the water a lot and get on every swell, a diverse quvier is great because you will have enough time to get accustomed to each board...

    If you have 10 different boards, and only ride a certain board for a day or two every few months, you will never get the board dialed in...

    So in most cases, you really only need a couple boards, but if you are serious about it, and make sure to crack every swell, a good quiver is a must...

    But for most surfers, I would say utilized a larger quiver will only restrict your development and output. Keep it simple, and learn a few boards really well, so you can rip on them in a wider array of conditions, and then when the time comes, step up to your mini gun or move back down to your fish/lb...

    But getting too creative and riding weird sh** is bad for most surfers. Fun, but bad. Which is why my quiver is larger than ever, but each board is getting more and more similar... An inch in length here, slightly different tail (thumb instead of round)... So, even with a large quiver, I try and keep all my board as similar in performance as possible, so each day I take a different board out, im not like WTF, this thing is turning funny and I can't get my rails dug in... blah blah...

    I just think less can be more unless you are out charging pretty hard...

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    me too... now days got lots of boards but most of them are the similar with only with minor differences. Before moving overseas my standard VB quiver was a longboard for crappy summer waves, a retro fish for mushy waves, rocket fish for fun waves, and a travel board for the goods or for travel. VB doesn't through a lot of curve balls your way as far as waves or conditions. Spent some serious time on the retro fish over the years.

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    i'm with you, retro fish in the quiver is key. Out of my quiver of 7, i really only ride a few regularly. Retro for anything less than stomach high or so and iv got short boards from there on. Iv got a couple larger short boards / step ups for cr trips but i havnt had much luck traveling with boards lately, even with my new soma airbag, so i'll likely just rent on my next trip. I also have 3 boards identical in length, width, thickness, and shape - just different tails. Why? even i dont know lol. quivers are fun; they are wall art, conversation topic, its nice to have boards around for traveling friends, plus... surfboards are really cool. I fully support your quiver building efforts.

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    0 foot - longboard
    1-2-3 foot mush - egg
    2-3-4 foot ok- fish
    waves/swell - shortboard

    4 boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    Are Quivers overrated
    If you are not building one just for the sake of having one...yes.

    As I pointed out in another thread, mine came from the limitation of the previous board or boards. Admittedly, I have two that I plan on selling, but the rest have specific purpose.

    In Va Beach, the Bull Fish is my 80% board. It has enough float for the weak waves we get and can go from thigh to head high. The McCoy Nugget will quickly be replacing this one, however.

    The longboard is for summer desperation in everything below the thigh...when I should be doing something else but need surf therapy.

    The Speed Dialer is for head-high and above hurricane swell, when deep duck diving is required. This one doesn't get used very much, but when it's epic, it keeps me from being stuck on the beach.

    The Desert Island was my travel board, but it will be replaced by the Nugget, as well.

    Oddly...when I was 8 - 28 years old, one board did it all!

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    4 boards get most of the action.

    big wave board (used the least, sadly)

    Everything else gets broken out only on occasion, and usually only if there's been a good stretch of waves and I'm in the mood for "something different."

    So no... I don't agree with the "pros" (and wannabe pros) who say quivers are not overrated.