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Thread: Surf Injuries?

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    Keep em coming... This is just getting good.

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    Dislocated my shoulder on a head-high closeout wearing a 5/4/3 suit in the dead of winter. My shoulder had dislocated before but because of the rubber i was wearing and being in the water I couldn't get it to pop back in until I swam in with one arm and got up on the beach. It was dislocated for a good half hour while i got tossed around the whitewash.

    Ended up with surgery a month later and 3 months worth of therapy with about 6 months total out of the water.

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    Lots of injuries too my feet. Broke 2 toes surfing in Oahu but other than that nothing serious, just cuts and jams. I slid off the Jetty during Hurricane Ike, that was really fun. Scrapped all my skin off on my side. Still surfed that day though but I was super drained. My Gf had her fin go into her thigh. Pretty bad for her, since girls don't like their leg meat hanging out after a day of surfing. 10 stitches and I could only keep her out of the water for a week. She got back in a few days before stitches needed to come out. Just the normal board to the head, doesn't really hurt it just pissing me off really bad and i get really loopy.

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    Stitches to the forearm (from a fin), out only a week. My brother dislocated his shoulder surfing Bill last summer. Took the winter off to rehab and avoid surgery, still not 100% though.