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Thread: Steep Drops

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    im using a 6'2 thruster and a fish that a little shorter and dealt with the steep drops recently too. my bayhead break, for me, is notorious for this nonsense and up until this year i've always had to deal with a lownumber-ride-sessions because the steep drops always owned me. yet, no matter what i dealt with the beatings in order to learn and after a while i started getting used to the speed, the angle, the steepness, and what to do when you are up.

    the hardest for me was the fact that my board was so short. i went from being able to push up and take a second to feel the wave before jumping up, on to these waves where you literally need to jump on the board almost right as you begin to catch the wave. unfortunately for me, my backside balance is poor and i usually end up doin a big bottom turn carve and get RAILED by the wave. however, my frontside is waaay better and i feel a small turn almost near the bottom keep most of the speed and gets you moving out of the danger zone.

    short version: getting to your feet extremely quick solved my problem of steep waves... now only to fix going left
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