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    4th of July outlook

    How is tomorrow looking for South Jersey? Is the small ground swell going to be packing any punch? It looks like the winds will be shifting sideshore later in the day which probably won't help much. I have been itching for something in the past couple of weeks but we haven't gotten much.

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    not so good man. minor background swell, and choppy with southerly winds. There will be a little size (2-3-4') for Thursday with the S wind swell.

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    I don't know how it went in jerz today, but I went out in Maryland and the evening session wasn't too bad. Size wise it seemed to be increasing here, so the way this one seems to be hitting I would think you guys up the road could score some fun chopslop tommorow. If I didn't have to work I'd be lookin for someone ready to take a drive right now. We've been so flat down here lately that I had a lot of fun out there... some spots seemed to be working around here. I'd get on it and dust off the cobwebs, it feels good, and if your a year rounder, the water feels like bath water. helws yeah.